Season Starts Monday, June 1st

The 2020 Summer season begins June 1st and ends September 6th.  After that, we'll have the tournaments.  More details on that will come in August.  The website is under construction and is being set up so we can begin Monday, June 1st.  All must sign the new disclaimer form (see previous blog entry) before playing on any of the ladders.  All those that have not signed it will be removed from the various ladders by Monday. The assumption at this point is all will sign the disclosure and the site includes all those registered to date.


Safety is imperative to all those that participate on the ladder.   Please select the Covid-19 links on the links page to educate yourself on playing tennis safely.  It is expected that all will honor the recommendations made in these links. Go here to see them.  Let's be safe and have fun.