Time To Register for the 2020 Summer Season

It's time to register for the 2020 Summer Tennis Ladders.  At this point, the ladders will open June 1st. This is similar to the timing the USTA is using, so I'm following their lead as well as ideas provided by other experts.  I am thankful to those providing guidance/ideas to me.  The safety of all of you is important to me.  I will reference links in my initial email that will provide ideas on how to play safe tennis.  The links page references web pages which include this information.  I recommend checking them out now.  As we all return to the sport, I ask that common sense and the referenced guidelines be followed for the safety of all involved.  I thank you all for that support in advance.


Sign up immediately to retain your ranking from this past summer/winter.  To retain your ranking you must register by Wednesday, May 27th.  If you sign up after that date, you'll be added to the bottom of the ladder in the order I receive registrations.  I will be merging the rankings from last summer with this past winter's rankings to determine where you will start.


To register, go here