Delaware Tennis Ladder - Covid-19 Update

Many are probably wondering what will happen with the Delaware Tennis Ladder given the Covid-19 pandemic.  I expect we will have the ladder running again, however the timeframe will be different from the past.  I've decided to follow the recommendations of the USTA.  My thinking is they know tennis, and they have access to experts in the field to make recommendations based on science and what is best for tennis players.  Currently they have suspended all play until May 31st. This may change as we proceed, so if their recommendations change, so will mine.   My intent is to request registrations two weeks prior to when the USTA recommends play begin.  So, if their date of May 31st remains, I will begin the registration process in the middle of May.  This may change if the USTA changes their recommendations.  All individuals need to follow whatever recommendations come out from the experts and apply them when play begins.  Let's keep it safe for all involved.  We need to respect those recommendations and follow them so all remain healthy.


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Here is a link to the USTA site I'm following to make decisions regarding the ladder:


Here is a link to the CDC Coronavirus Website:


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Bob Davis