Sign-up For the 2018 Summer Ladders Is Open

To sign up, go here.


If you want to join the Delaware Tennis Summer ladder, you may sign up now.  The cost is free.  We will have tournaments for all ladders in September.  The season will run from April 29th - September 2nd.  Tournaments will start in the first week of September.  You can sign up for the following:


Men's Singles

Men's Doubles

Women's Singles

Women's Doubles

Mixed Doubles


To learn more about the ladder, read our rules and/or our FAQ.  These will help describe how the ladder works.


Sign up to be on the beginning roster must be done by April 27th.  You still can sign up anytime.


For those who participated in either the summer or winter ladders, you will retain your ranking from the winter and summer tennis ladders if you sign up by April 27th.  After that, you will be added to the bottom of the ladder. I will be merging the results of the summer and winter ladders to create your beginning rank.  If you are new to the ladder (Welcome!), you will be placed at the bottom of the ladder in the order received, so sign up early.