It's Time To Sign Up for the 2017 Delaware Tennis Ladder!  The ladder starts April 23 and ends September 3rd

To sign up, go here.


The ladder will work as it has in the past, except for the men. We'll have a Flight A and a Flight B tournament at the end of the season versus one huge draw with a consolation tournament.  This will make the tournaments easier to manage and quicker. See the rules for more information.


All players from last year will retain their ranking if they sign up by April 29th.  After that, sign ups go to the bottom of the roster.


Please sign up as soon as you can.  If I get your response by Saturday, April 22nd, you'll be on the first rosters I post for the beginning of the season (April 23rd).


You can sign up anytime.  The sooner you sign up the more likely your ranking will be higher.