Tournament Sign-ups Now Being Accepted

The tournament will start September 5th or 6th.  This year, we will have Men's Singles and Doubles, Women's Singles and Doubles and Mixed Doubles.  That's really 4 tournaments.


Each round will last one week, going from Thursday of one week through Wednesday of the next week.  Please make sure you are available through September.  I split the week so there is always time around each side of a weekend to accommodate shorter vacations.  I will ask people to forfeit if they are unable to stick with the timeframe established.  It is important we keep the tournaments going.  I ask for everyones understanding when/if I decide a default is needed to keep the tournament on schedule.


Due to the number of players on the Men's ladder, if you lose in your first round, you will be advanced to the Consolation Tournament.  This allows those players to keep going.  A player cannot default into the Consolation tournament.  If you lose due to a default in the first round, you will not be eligible to advance to the consolation tournament.


A consolation tournament will not exist for the Men's Doubles, Women's Singles, Women's Doubles and Mixed Doubles.


Each match will be the best of 3 sets.  If a third set is required to determine the result of a match, a 10 point tie-breaker will be played instead of a full set.  If both players agree to a full set, that can be played, but if either player (or team) does not want to play a full set, then the 10 point tie-breaker will be played.


To play in the Men's singles tournament, you must have played 3 matches during the season.  You can sign up this week even if you don't have 3 matches in, but I will check after this week to see if you got all 3 matches played.  


Please check that the number of matches I have recorded that you have played on the site is accurate.  If you see a problem, let me know.  Please report those issues ASAP.  I will not accept issues reported after next Saturday, September 3rd.


There is no limitation to the number of matches required for Women's Singles or any doubles (Men's, Women's or Mixed).  Everyone is qualified for doubles.


Women are allowed to invite a guest to play with them for the doubles.  We're still trying to grow that ladder (given it was new last year), so I want to encourage others to try it out.


Mixed doubles needs to come from those on the Men's and Women's Ladder.  This is not open to players not on the Men's/Women's ladders.


To sign up for the tournament, go here and fill out the form.  If you sign up for any of the doubles, you must provide who your partner will be playing with.  I will not be arranging doubles players.


Please sign up by Saturday, September 3rd.


If you have any questions, feel free to email me at