Tennis Ladders Nearby To Also Consider ...

The Tennis Ladder we have in Delaware has been very successful.  As a result, Chris Jones (who participate in our ladder) created a ladder for individuals living in Chester County Pennsylvania.  He started this ladder a couple of years ago.  He has a men's and women's ladder.  If you live in that area and want more tennis to play, you can go to their site at and join.


In addition, Troy Clemmer who also has participated on the Delaware Tennis Ladder has started a ladder in Southern New Jersey.  So, if you live in that area, you can go to that web site to join there.  Here is the link:


I have also posted these on our Links page for future reference.


Thank you Chris and Troy for your help to spread tennis play to others.  Excellent!


Hopefully over time, ladders like this continue to grow and spread into other areas.  It's great to see this happening.